Who We Are

Simply Delish is HACCP accredited and has in place a quality system, which ensures freshness, consistency and cleanliness with all our range of products.

Our products are also Halal certified.

Using only the finest of ingredients we apply a unique process which does not bruise or discolour the fresh produce allowing not only an incorporable taste experience but also a visual delight for the consumer.

We use cashew nuts in our products to create texture, and is also a user friendly and tastier alternative to peanuts and pine nuts. Our products contain no artificial colours or flavors and can be enjoyed as a dip or as a food additive transforming even the plainest of dishes into a culinary delight. Our dips are also enjoyed as a marinade or a sauce.


Our Chunky Dips have been acclaimed internationally.

We have been presented with first place at the Americas food and beverage show for best Salsa, Sauce & Condiment in the Americas. At the fancy food show in New York, we were awarded the highly prestigious Gold Sofi Award in the category for Best Appetizer, Antipasto, Salsa or Dip.

We started with 3 products many years ago and this range has grown into 20 different flavors and we intend on continually developing new and exciting products to satisfy the consumers demands and needs for many years to come.